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Grades 6-8 Exploratory Courses

One of the most unique and rewarding aspects of our dialectic school (grades six through eight) are the exploratory courses, or electives.  There are more than sixty courses available.  Most of these last only one quarter enabling students to take up to eight electives per year.  All Exploratory Courses are driven by teachers’ passions and specializations, which have been acquired and nurtured throughout a lifetime.  Students who are interested in the performing, musical, and visual arts can deeply explore these fields by taking Beginning Band, Choir, Studio Art, Theatre Arts, Ballet, or even something as specific as Clay Creatures.  A passion for reading can be stoked by Reading Refuge, Introduction to Classical Mythology, Hobbits and Heroes, or one of our many literature-based electives.  Those with a love for the natural world may enroll in Journaling through Nature, Green Thumb, Animal Advocacy, or Mysteries of the Body.  Those who are interested in science and technology may take Computer Programming, Robotics, or NC Science Olympiad.

At Millennium Charter Academy, the offerings are unique because each is born out of the knowledge and passions of our faculty!

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