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Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Millennium Charter Academy is an independent, public school whose classroom is the community, which invites parents, teachers, students, and the community to collectively challenge each child to achieve superior academic standards and to develop the highest moral character. We will expand educational choice with an innovative, student-centered environment producing life-long learners equipped with the knowledge and critical-thinking skills necessary to become leaders in the 21st Century.

The Vision for MCA

As a natural advancement of our stated Mission and Goals, Millennium Charter Academy will develop citizens of virtuous character who think well and, as leaders, contribute to our communities, our nation, and the world. Our students will understand that a good citizen rules and is ruled; is independent, yet simultaneously in relation with others; and, is grounded in an honest search for knowable, universal truth, goodness, and beauty. To foster this model of citizenship, we will maintain our delivery of a robust, liberal arts curriculum, deepen our implementation of classical education, and continue our principle-based discipline grounded in love for the individual and respect for the corporate good, as well as a belief in redemption and growth. Through these means, we will increase our attention to developing the following characteristics of citizenship in our students: 1) an awareness of themselves as members of a community, from local to national to global; 2) a devotion to intellectual and moral integrity, including an ability to fashion credible ideas and to argue logically; 3) a respect for the rule of law; and 4) an appreciation of American constitutional democracy.