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Headmaster’s Welcome

Welcome and thank you for considering MCA.

You will find that our educational roots are deep, centuries deep, and that we have planted them in the rich soil of Western civilization. Of course, just like most schools we teach the subjects of English, mathematics, science and history; however, you will find that we teach them heartily all year long, and you will discover that all the subjects are tied together within a single story, and never left deconstructed. What’s more, as a part of that story, we offer the arts and more than sixty electives throughout the year and throughout in sixth – twelfth grades. You will learn that we grow our students’ knowledge on the wonder of this world and on unchanging truths, not just on today’s trends, but on the wisdom of the ages as well as the discoveries of the present. Because our roots are in the classical education tradition, we see your child as a whole person endowed with worth and value, with a heart, mind, and body. Often schools see children as purely economic digits or biological units, as is evidenced by their single goal of “career ready” and their behavior modification strategies. We will help you prepare your child for employment, for adult citizenship, and for much, much more. We will come alongside you to cultivate a good life for your child, so that your child can be the best butcher, baker, botanist, mom, or dad he or she can be. What you might find at MCA is an education you have always imagined but never put into words.

Call us and let us explain why MCA is a great choice in education!