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Goals & Distinctives



1. To inspire students, so that they leave MCA loving to learn.
2. To foster the discipline of scholarship.
3. To promote the values and benefits of reading.
4. To provide students with rich, meaningful information in all subject areas.
5. To teach children to think well, that is generalizing, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating.
6. To teach children to act and think independently, making logical evaluations of situations, information, and ideas.
7. To follow a child’s progress, communicating well with parents.
8. To deliver well the entire NC Standard Course of Study and the Core Knowledge curriculum to every child.
9. To maximize instructional time during the school day.
10. To utilize small group instruction, hands-on activities, inquiry-based learning, process writing, and appropriate lecture.


11. To love and respect each child as an individual
12. To teach each child how to live under right authority.
13. To discipline lovingly and wisely, guided by principle rather than rules.To develop within each child an upright moral character.


14. To use the community as an educational resource.
15. To support the community through giving of time, effort, money, and good will.
16. To assist and uphold parents in their responsibility to educate their children.
17. To encourage and provide opportunities for parents and others in the community to share their unique gifts and talents with Millennium Charter Academy.
18. To foster appreciation for our country.
19. To develop citizens who are leaders.