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FAQs – Learn More about MCA

  1. How many classes does MCA have?
  2. What is the discipline policy at MCA?
  3. Can I get a tour of the school?
  4. What time does the school day begin and end?
  5. I’ve heard that MCA does not cook meals. How is lunch handled?
  6. What is the inclement weather policy?
  7. Are there any pick-up and drop-off procedures?
  8. Does MCA have athletics?
  9. Are parents welcome at school?


1. How many classes does MCA have?

MCA has kindergarten-twelfth grades with four sections in most of the grade levels. Our Lower Elementary (grades K-3) and our Upper Elementary (grades 4-5) have approximately twenty-one students in each section or class. Upper school classes (grades 6 through 12) have about twenty-two students in each class.

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2. What is the discipline policy at MCA?

Moral character development is one of the three pillars on which MCA is established. It is an essential and integrated part of our school life. Character underlies all attitudes and behaviors related to education and to the rest of life. Therefore, it is incumbent on the faculty, as well as the parents, to thoughtfully engage ourselves in the development of our students’ character. In a united effort, we strive to come along side our parents in their responsibility to rear their children.

With daily attention to a student’s character, MCA provides nurture and discipline in a loving and consistent manner. Like our students’ parents, we have high expectations of our student body. Our Expectations are posted in every classroom. And they are just that- expectations. They are not rules, but high standards to which we hold our students accountable.

We consciously treat our students with respect, owing to the innate value of each individual human being. Consequently, neither shaming nor rewards is used to manipulate behavior, but rather honest personal engagement with appropriate consequences. Whether in academics or in issues of character, MCA accepts students where they are, and the goal of every interaction is nothing short of growth. Furthermore, we hold to the adage that ” a pupil can never surpass his or her master.” We, the faculty and staff, therefore, seek to continually improve our own selves. This also demonstrates to the students in a very real way the importance of personal development. For further details, read the section on character development in our Family Handbook.

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3. Can I get a tour of the school?

Certainly! We love to show off our school. To schedule a time that is convenient for you, please contact Lu Ann Browne, Director of Development, at 336.789.7570, ext. 1110, or email [email protected] to schedule a tour that fits your schedule.

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4. What time does the school day begin and end?

Lower and Upper School begin at 8:00 AM. Lower school dismisses at 2:45 PM, and Upper School dismisses at 3:00PM. Children may enter the building after 7:30 AM, but not before, since there is not staff to supervise the children prior to that time. If children need to arrive at school prior to 7:30, or stay later than 3:00, they may enroll in our before and after school program called the Lion’s Watch. Fees for the program are prorated, based on how much time your child needs to spend before or after school. You may call the school at 336.789.7570 to find out more.

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5. I’ve heard that MCA does not cook meals. How is lunch handled?

MCA students may bring their lunches from home, or they may order boxed lunches catered by area restaurants though an online service. Orders are placed in advance for one month at a time. Unless otherwise specified, menus are made available for ordering on the 2nd Friday of each month, with the ordering period closing on the 3rd Friday of each month. Once the ordering period is closed, no changes may be made to the order. Students may purchase milk or water at school. Lunches are $3.50 daily, including milk or water. Milk and water alone are 50 cents each. To order lunch for your student, please visit  Please visit our Lunch Ordering Page for instructions on how to set up an account.


Some students buy lunch every day. Some students pack a lunch every day. Most students buy lunch some days and pack lunch some days.

If you would like more information on vendors or menus, you may contact Sheena Vaughn, Lunch Program Director, at 336.789.7570, extension 1203.

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6. What is the inclement weather policy?

There are multiple ways to hear of closings, delays, and early dismissals. First, as soon as a decision is made, you will receive notification via email, and you will receive a phone call from our automated call system. You can watch television station WXII, and you can receive email notification from WXII by signing up for this service on their website, You can, furthermore, follow us on Twitter (select MCAcademy) to get updates to your mobile device. Lastly, you can call MCA’s inclement weather line at 789-7570, extension 4. Should school be cancelled after students arrive, early dismissal will be announced on WXII, a tweet from Twitter, a phone call from our automated call system system, and by email to your account.

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7. Are there any pick up and drop off procedures?

Click HERE to see diagrams of MCA drive patterns.  In summary, cars with a student in grades K-3 use the front drive off of Old Springs Road, and cars with only students in grades 4-12 use the entrance on Riverside Drive. Class starts promptly at 8:00 AM, and students may be dropped off at 7:30. Before 7:30 there is no supervision and children may not be in the building unless they are enrolled in our Lion’s Watch before and after school care program. Pick-up begins in the front drive at 2:45PM, and at 3:00 in the back drive. Please be prompt, and thanks for your cooperation! Above all, drive slowly and carefully on and around the MCA campus. Safety of our students is our number one priority.

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8. Does MCA have athletics?

Yes, the Academy sports two levels of athletic participation, a club level and an interscholastic level. Clubs, available to students in K-12 depending upon the particular guidelines, allow students to try their hand at various sports and activities without committing a lot of time. Students in grades six and above can participate in our eleven or more competitive sports, pitting their skills and exhibiting their first-class sportsmanship against the other teams in the conference.

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9. Are parents welcome at school?

Most emphatically, yes. We believe that parents are ultimately responsible for the rearing and education of their children, but with parental consent, during the school day, we stand en loco parentis. Our faculty and staff work diligently to assist and uphold parents in their responsibility to rear and educate their children. This is both a privilege and a responsibility that this staff and leadership take seriously.

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