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The Academic Journal

Written on a more scholarly, philosophical level, the bimonthly Academic Journal presents viewpoints on instructional methodology and educational philosophy that inform our pedagogy and practice at MCA. These publications will give you a better understanding of who we are and why we do what we do.


Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
What I Wish I Had Known
The Times We are Given – Part 2
The Times We are Given – Part 1
What Guides Science at MCA?
What Guides Technology at MCA?
Human Flourishing
Commencement 2019 – Student Speeches
A Useless Education
A Classical Liberal Arts Education:  A few brief thoughts

A Series on Paideia – Our Understanding of Citizenship
– Paideia Part 4 – The Virtuous Citizen
– Paideia Part 3 – The Virtuous Citizen
– Paideia Part 2 – The Virtuous Citizen
– Paideia Part 1 – The Virtuous Citizen

A Series on Classical Education
– Classical Education:  Pedagogy 
– Classical Education:  Curriculum
– Classical Education:  Citizenship
– Classical Education:  Relationships
– Classical Education:  Foundation
– Classical Education:  Purpose
– Classical Education:  Philosophy
– Classical Education

If you’d like to read prior versions of The Academic Journal, please feel free to ask by emailing us.