Can I get a tour of the school?

Certainly! We love to show off our school. To schedule a time that is convenient for you, please call 336.789.7570 or email [email protected] to schedule a tour that fits your schedule.

How will my family benefit from MCA being a classical school?

Our classic approach is simple: Quality education is our only agenda. Education, in the classical sense, is about leading students forth toward truth, knowledge, and virtuous character. We want to help you form upright children, who read well, think well, write well, and speak well. Not only do we want your child to be college and career ready, but more importantly, we want your child to become the best person he or she can be. An American classical education seeks to develop free, happy, and thoughtful patriots who govern themselves well, lead good lives, and help preserve our constitutional republic.

Are parents welcome at school?

Of course! Parents are the primary educators in their children’s lives, and we are honored that you have asked us to partner with you in this important effort. You can get involved by eating lunch with your child, volunteering in the classroom, chaperoning field trips, helping at the grade level, or even joining our parent organization called MPACT (Millennium Parents and Concerned Teachers) or our Athletic Booster Club in order to assist at the school level.

What is the school culture or atmosphere at MCA?

Classical education emphasizes moral character and virtuous habits, so in our school, we are proud to on cultivate a wholesome environment with respectful, friendly relationships amongst students and faculty. Visiting families have described MCA as “happy,” and students have told visitors that MCA is a “like a family.” No school is perfect, but we meet students where they are at and care to help them become the best young men and women that they can be.

What is the class size?

Our lower school (K-5) classes have approximately twenty-one students each. Our middle school (6-8) classes have approximately twenty-two students each, and our high school (9-12) have approximately twenty-four students each.

What time does school begin?

Students are to be in their seats at 8:00AM. Our lower school (K-5) dismisses at 2:45PM, and upper school (6-12) dismisses at 3:00PM. Children may enter the building after 7:30AM, but not before, since there is no staff to supervise the children prior to that time. If children need to arrive at school prior to 7:30, or stay later than 3:00, they may enroll in our before and after school program called Lion’s Watch. Fees for the program are prorated, based on how much time your child needs to spend before or after school. You may call the school at 336.789.7570 to find out more.

Will my child be safe at school?

Keeping your children safe and healthy is something we take very seriously. All outside doors and windows are kept locked. Our main entries are staffed all day long and require that visitors be “buzzed in.” The Mount Airy Police Department stops by campus regularly, and officers are on site during drop-off and pick-up times when they help monitor traffic safety. The Mount Airy Fire Department performs routine inspections of our facility, and the fire station is less than a two-minute drive from the school. After practicing, students and faculty rehearse lockdown drills yearly, severe weather drills yearly, and fire drills monthly. Various faculty members are CPR and first-aid certified and can be called upon in a moment’s notice should the need arise. The school has three Automatic Electronic Defibrillators and epinephrine injectors.  These are located near the lower school gym, the upper school office, and the upper school gym.

What is MCA’s discipline policy?

With daily attention to a student’s character, MCA provides discipline in a loving and consistent manner. Like you, we have high expectations of our students, and these expectations are posted in every classroom. These are not school rules, but virtuous habits that we expect our students to exhibit in all aspects of their lives. We expect our students, as well as our faculty and staff, to be trustworthy, respectful, responsible, courageous, and compassionate.

I’ve heard that MCA does not cook meals. How is lunch handled?

You may send your child with a lunch, or you may pre-order daily lunches through our online system each month. Most families do both, ordering some days and packing others. We work with various area restaurants who cate to MCA. Visit our Lunch Info Page for details on how to sign up.

What is the inclement weather policy?

Our primary concern during inclement weather or an emergency situation is the safety of our students and staff. Once we have addressed that issue, then we quickly make announcements. As soon as a decision is made, we send notification via email, automated phone call, and television (WXII). Please know that we do not necessarily follow the same schedule as the neighboring schools.

What if my child struggles academically? What if my child excels?

MCA seeks to offer a great education to all students, challenging them appropriately at each stage without going over their heads or overwhelming them. By design, we start with a content-rich curriculum and educators capable of utilizing tried and true methods of teaching, differentiating, and remediating within the class setting. Beyond that, we also have honors classes, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, Dual-Enrollment classes, and an Exceptional Children Program.

Can my high school student earn an Associates Degree or a Career Technical Certificate at MCA?

In our high school, students complete a robust core curriculum of high school courses designed to fulfill North Carolina’s Future-Ready high school graduation requirements so that student are well-prepared to build successful lives no matter were their unique path takes them after high school. We celebrate students who graduate as good young men and women and go on to pursue a variety of pathways including college (2 and 4 year), trade school, military, missions, entrepreneurship, or work.
To that end, in their Junior and Senior year of high school, students can dual-enroll in General Education and/or Career-Technical classes at Surry Community College during free periods or in place of local electives. Though dual-enrollment is completely optional and does not replace the high school core curriculum, over the years, many driven students have had the flexibility in their school and summer schedules to complete 1-2 years’ worth of General Education coursework or explore a career field by taking Career-Technical classes and completing a Career-Technical certificate. These courses are primarily taken online during a Study Hall period during the school day, but occasionally, students take college courses in-person depending on their schedule. We work to ensure that students who take advantage of this opportunity do so with moderation and balance so that they can enjoy all that the high school experience has to offer including athletics, the arts, and friendship.

What do I need to know about drop-off and pick-up?

Click HERE to see diagrams of MCA drive patterns.  In summary, cars with a student in grades K-3 use the front drive on Old Springs Road, and cars with only students in grades 4-12 use the entrance on Riverside Drive. Class starts promptly at 8:00AM, and students may be dropped off at 7:30. Before 7:30 there is no supervision and children may not be in the building unless they are enrolled in our Lion’s Watch before and after school care program. Pick-up begins in the front drive at 2:45PM, and at 3:00 in the back drive. Please be prompt, and thanks for your cooperation! Above all, drive slowly and carefully on and around the MCA campus.