How to Enroll

MCA accepts applications for new admissions for the current, active school year at any time.  Provided space is available, the child is admitted. 

How To Enroll
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Complete the steps below to enroll your child at MCA!

  1. Complete Part 1 of the Admissions Application
    The admissions form may be filled out digitally using the link above. Or, you can pick up a copy of the application in the school office.
  2. Accept the Offer (within three business days)
    If a seat is available, the Academy notifies the student’s parents. You must accept the seat within three business days of the offer.
  3. Complete Part 2 of the Admissions Application
    This provides the school with important information. In order to guarantee your child’s spot, you must complete this form and the subsequent enrollment process.
  4. Assessment
    An assessment is scheduled to determine the student’s projected academic placement and potential needs.
  5. Placement
    After the discussing the results of the academic assessment, the Academy places the student in the appropriate grade level.

Enrollment FAQs