1:1 Laptop Program

laptopprogramIntent on providing a leading edge technology platform that furthers our  instruction, in 2006 MCA instituted a 1:1 Laptop Program for our Upper School students.  The program was an instant success.  Not only did it provide ready access to a variety of tools such as word processors and spreadsheet programs, but it also provided a link to nearly unlimited web-based resources.  Students have access to these laptops twenty-four hours a day for the entire school year.  A subscription-based, automatically-updating content filter and random checks help keep our students technologically safe. The program has continued and evolved with technology.  Today, all Upper School students are issued a Chromebook, which uses Google’s Apps for Education to provide a cloud-based environment for our students.

As Jim Collins wrote in Good to Great, “When used right, technology becomes an accelerator of momentum, not a creator of it.”  At MCA technology is neither the goal nor the focal point, but rather one important tool that helps to propel MCA toward its stated mission. As technology changes, so will the world and so will this Academy. And, here, those advancements will be used to further develop students as intelligent citizens who lead in a constitutional republic.