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Health & Safety

At Millennium Charter Academy, our number one priority is keeping our children safe and healthy.  Below is a high-level overview of some of our primary methods.

COVID Safety
MCA has established safety measures to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), including encouraging vaccination, daily sanitizing, masking as required, contact tracing, and quarantining. To provide ongoing education, the school provides asynchronous learning for those quarantined. The school also has in place an educational plan for remote learning should any part or the whole of the school be temporarily closed due to COVID-19. Once the temporary closure is lifted, MCA can immediately return to the least restrictive means available. Furthermore, the school uses federal funds to provide COVID-related substitutes, remedial and supplemental K-12 instructors, laptops, sanitizing supplies, and air systems that provide fresh and filtered air.

Classes are cleaned each day.  Desks are sanitized daily, along with common touch areas such as door knobs, remote controls, pencil trimmers, etc. We promote extra hand washing, and upper school students who change classes throughout the day use a 70% alcohol/water mix to sanitize their hands upon entering each new classroom. Computer lab equipment and art tools are sanitized between classes.

MCA requires masking for all students and faculty as the educational and health circumstances warrant.

Social Distancing
As all students are back in the building for in-person education, students are no longer distanced at six feet apart, but are separated as much as our facility allows.

Our COVID protocols are listed here in PDF Format should you find that more convenient.

Facility Safety
All outside doors and windows are kept locked. All visitors use the two main entry locations, which are staffed throughout the day, and which require that visitors be “buzzed in.” The Mount Airy Police Department is actively involved in all safety planning and routinely reviews our procedures to ensure they are up to date and as safe as possible for all students and staff.  The department has a presence on campus, often dropping by to say hello and build relationships with staff and students.  Police officers are periodically on site at drop-off and pick-up times to help monitor traffic safety.

We regularly practice fire safety.  Alarm systems, emergency lighting, and fire extinguishers are inspected monthly. The Mount Airy Fire Department performs routine inspections of our facility, and the fire station is less than a two-minute drive from the school.

After training, students and faculty rehearse lockdown drills one-three times per year, fire drills monthly, and severe weather drills during tornado season.

First Aid / Life Safety
Various faculty members throughout the school are CPR and first-aid certified and can be called upon in a moment’s notice should the need arise. The school has three Automatic Electronic Defibrillators and epinephrine injectors.  These are located near the lower school gym, the upper school office, and the upper school gym.

NC Public Health Information
The NC Division of Public Health, through the NC Division of Non-Public Education, provides the following information to North Carolina’s schools for annual release to school personnel, parents and students.  These documents are provided in PDF format.  If you do not have a PDF reader on your computer, visit Adobe Reader for your free copy.

NC COVID-19 Information Hub
What Parents Need to Know About the Flu
What Schools Need to Know About Preventing the Spread of the Flu 
What You Need to Know About Meningococcal Meningitis
Cover Your Cough, Clean Your Hands
Tips for Preventing the Spread of Germs

You may also visit the North Carolina Department of Administration’s Division of Non-Public Information if you’d like to find out more.