Upper School (6-12)

In our Upper School, students are challenged to mature in their learning and moral growth. As they mature and accept more responsibility, they gain more independence. In the classical tradition, the middle school is the “Logic Stage” where students learn to pursue truth through questions and logical dialogue and high school is the “Rhetoric Stage” where students learn to express the truth clearly and powerfully.


6 – 12 Highlights

Expectations & Habits

Developing Character through MCA’s Expectations & Habits

Curriculum & Learning

  • Building a Foundation of Knowledge in Every Subject through the Core Knowledge Sequence
  • Learning Effective Communication through Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric
  • Pursuing Truth through Great Books and Great Conversations
  • Developing Citizenship and Cultural Literacy through History and Civics
  • Understanding the Nature and Purpose of Things through Science and Philosophy


Strengthening Body and Soul through Athletics

College & Career

Earning College Credit and Exploring Career Fields through AP and Dual-Enrollment Classes


Exploring New Horizons through Electives

Student Life

  • Having Fun through a Robust Student Life
  • Competing in Intramurals and Cultivating Friendships through House System
  • Enjoying the Beauty of Nature through School Hikes
  • Serving the Community through Service Days