Lower School (K-5)

In the Lower School, our students learn and grow in joyful and inspiring classrooms. We seek to spark the natural curiosity of our students and inspire a lifelong love of learning. In the classical tradition, this is known as the “Grammar Stage” in which students learn the basics of each subject and develop essential skills needed to be good, hard-working students.


K-5 Highlights

Expectations & Habits

Developing Character through MCA’s Expectations & Habits

Curriculum & Learning

  • Building a Foundation of Knowledge in Every Subject through the Core Knowledge Sequence
  • Forming the Moral Imagination through Classic Children’s Literature
  • Developing Logical, Mathematical Thinking through Singapore Math
  • Inspiring Wonder and Knowledge through Science
  • Studying Important Facts and Impactful Figures in History
  • Learning to Read through Phonics

Building Character & Confidence

  • Expanding horizons through weekly classes in art, theater, vocal music, instrumental music, PE, and computers
  • Growing Vocabulary through Greek and Latin Roots
  • Developing Confidence through Theatrical Productions
  • Practicing Presentational Skills through Poetry Recitations

Enrichment and Adventure

  • Enjoying Fun Field Trips
  • Welcoming Family Involvement
  • Enjoying Extra Enrichment at After School Academy