A Classic Approach to Education

Forming citizens. Preserving liberty.

The purpose of classical education is to form intelligent minds and virtuous hearts. Pure and simple. A thoughtful, responsible citizenry is necessary to preserve the liberty we hold dear in America, and our goal is to send forth good citizens and leaders who are prepared to succeed in life and who work hard, care about their families, and contribute to their communities.


A classical education at Millennium Charter Academy:

Develops the Whole Person

Students are not simply learning the skills and facts that they need to know. They are also learning what is right and what is wrong, what is correct and what is incorrect, what is true and what is false. Through the heroes of classical literature, triumphant figures in history, groundbreaking individuals in science, students learn good habits and build strong moral character that will help them to be successful in whatever they pursue in life.

Encourages the Pursuit of Truth

Through learning and logical dialogue, our students are encouraged to use their human reason to determine what is objectively true, no matter how difficult it might be. In each subject, students should put their minds and hearts to the test as they learn to pursue what is true, do what is good, and value what is beautiful.

Promotes Good Citizenship and Leadership

As an American public school, we take seriously our charge to educate citizens and leaders who have an appreciation for our nation, who govern themselves well, who know good character is required to preserve our freedom, who are prepared to achieve the American dream, and who have the patriotic drive to do what they can to form a more perfect union.

Teaches Logical Thinking and Clear Communication

In a classical education, students are not told what to think; they are taught how to think. Through traditional methods such as Socratic discussions, debates, recitations, essays, and speeches, students are taught to think well about what they are learning and to express their thoughts clearly and kindly.

Celebrates the Classics

Classic books, art, music, and primary sources have traditionally been used to teach generations of influential young men and women the story of history, human nature, and the world around us. Classical education’s content is rich with the wisdom of the ages, with the best that’s been written, said, and created in all of history—from Ancient Greece and Rome to the Founding of America and beyond.

Inspires Wonder and Inquiry in Math and Science

A classical approach to math and science involves developing the reasoning skills needed to fully understand the reality of the world around us. Children are naturally curious, and math and science ignite their natural wonder, leading them to wisdom and equipping them to face challenges and solve problems.

Is not Elitist or Outdated

Classical charter schools are public, tuition-free, and open to all who desire classical education. Educational fads and once-popular pieces of technology have come and gone, but classical education has remained throughout the centuries, educating impactful figures throughout history. Its timeless aims of wisdom and virtue are good for any person at any time. Regardless of background or ability level, we want our students to work hard and seek excellence, knowing that, first and foremost, the content of their character will determine their future.

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