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Upward Bound

As a part of the overall plan to grow our students, MCA’s Upward Bound is staffed with well-qualified individuals who will address quickly, positively, and aggressively the needs of students who struggle in this academically rigorous environment, and it also addresses the needs of those students who excel in such a climate. Its mission is to assist and inspire all participating students in kindergarten – twelfth grades to reach their potential, providing the educational resources through small group or individual assistance. With this in place, MCA is more effective in developing successful, independent learners who think well, who clearly articulate their ideas, and who lead.

We work with the conviction, commitment and determination to provide multi-dimensional opportunities that will assist our children as they make meaningful connections to our curriculum.  We promise to uphold our school’s high level of excellence through innovative instructional techniques that result in positive outcomes for students with disabilities. We pledge to create the conditions for academic success and growth one child at a time.

Exceptional Children

As a separate department, the Exceptional Children Program ensures that children with identified disabilities receive an education that is appropriate to their individual strengths and needs. Our highly trained and experienced staff promotes the pursuit of high quality educational experiences.

Challenge Center

The Challenge Center works with underachievers and students that fall behind grade level expectations. Help may come through direct intervention or through consultation with the regular classroom teacher. Personnel in this department work with both inclusion and pullout strategies.

Likewise, these specialists become involved when it is apparent that the regular classroom teacher needs help in challenging a student’s uncommonly high academic ability. Appropriate challenge may be provided through the regular classroom teacher, modified assignments, or through special enrichment activities in lieu of the regularly assigned work. Every effort will be made to keep the child actively engaged in academic pursuit.

The Challenge Center proactively consults with parents of students enrolled in the program. Specific criteria and assessment instruments will determine a student’s academic need and consequently, this department’s involvement. These evaluative tools will help determine the area and the degree in which a child is struggling or excelling.

As a vital part of this team, a reading specialist focuses his or her time in the primary grades where learning to read is essential. With MCA’s goal that every child read by the beginning of third grade, the specialist coordinates efforts, works directly with students, and is in consultation with classroom teachers. Part time and full time employees, as well as volunteers, round out this department. Staff members are trained to recognize and work with children with learning difficulties of all varieties. Computer technology and software are also an important resource for this department. Parental involvement is also critical to the success of this program and every reasonable effort is made to involve the parents in this aspect of their child’s growth.