Three Pillars

The Three Pillars:  A Strong Foundation for MCA

pillarsMCA is a mission driven and philosophically driven school, and out of that foundation arise three pillars: scholarship, character, and community. On this foundation and from these three structures all parts of the school rest and proceed.  These pillars help bring focus to our strategies, so that our concept of education is about developing intelligent, virtuous citizens, who lead in a constitutional democracy, regardless of their call in life.


A classical understanding of the learning process, a liberal arts based curriculum, and a clear sense of mission, vision, and philosophy drive scholarship at MCA.  Students receive a solid base of content knowledge, interacting with that knowledge in innovative ways.  From learning the continents in kindergarten to selecting from over thirty robust electives in middle school, students encounter rich learning throughout their years at MCA, learn to think well about the content, and begin to articulate their own views.


The character development of our students is fully as important as their academic progress. Partnering with our parents, we maintain high aspirations for our student body, highlighted by our Honor Code and our Expectations and Habits posted in every classroom. The goal of our principle-based discipline is the transformation of the heart and soul of each child and the development of strong convictions about truth and virtue.


Whether learning from or contributing to the community, locally or globally, our students use their passions and resources in helping others. Students connect to the community through frequent field trips, raising funds for those in need, or participating in civic activities.