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As an outgrowth of MCA’s physical education program, the Academy provides two levels of athletic participation for students. One is club-level athletics, which offers a wide age-range of students the opportunity to engage in various types of activities from a low to a high level of personal involvement and competitiveness. Although the concept of teamwork is important at this level, club sports allow the individual needs to prevail. Club athletics tend to meet weekly, but may be seasonal or year-round. The second level is interscholastic athletics. Teams at this level are fiercely competitive and equally mannerly. Interscholastic athletics requires individual commitment to the greater good of the team. Practice is three to five times weekly for a given season.

Regardless of the level of athletics, first-class sportsmanship before, during, and after an athletic event is essential and mandatory. All MCA athletes, their parents, and fans are to uphold the high ideals of this institution, respecting the officials, coaches, and opposing team with their supporters. This school community is dedicated to exemplary conduct and interactions with all in attendance, cheering any noteworthy demonstrations of skill and avoiding profanity, derogatory remarks and demeaning cheers.

Because students have the opportunity to grow physically, emotionally, socially, mentally, and morally, MCA is committed to acquiring and supporting coaches and sponsors that are not only skilled in their particular sport, but that are also able to convey those skills and concepts to young students in a meaningful and fun way. Furthermore, MCA retains coaches that embody admirable and virtuous character.