The Arts

At Millennium Charter Academy, the arts are a valued part of our classical K-12 curriculum. From kindergarten onward, we have a flourishing arts program that includes classes in visual art, instrumental music, vocal music, and theater. Through art displays, band concerts, choir concerts, and theatrical performances, our arts program instills confidence in our students and gives them the opportunity to creatively cultivate beauty in this world. MCA has an instructional art studio, an art gallery, two music rooms, and two theater classrooms.


Visual Art

In visual art classes, students learn about the elements of art and the principles of design such as proportion, unity, and symmetry. Students study the master artists and the great works of art in the form of painting, sculpture, photography, and architecture. They are immersed in the rich history of the arts, studying works of art from long ago including the Renaissance, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and 20th century. They are shown American artwork and art from around the word. By studying beautiful works of art and creating beautiful artwork of their own, students learn to appreciate the importance of beauty.

Instrumental Music

In instrumental music classes, students are given a foundational understanding of music by studying a variety of styles from jazz to orchestral music. Students learn about the great composers and the elements of music. Students learn to play instruments, and the Millennium Band plays wonderfully throughout the year, with individual musicians also performing during school talent shows.

Vocal Music

In vocal music classes, students are exposed to a variety of musical styles from different eras such as ancient, medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, and modern. Students learn about healthy and proper vocal techniques, the different vocal ranges, and their own unique singing voice. The Millennium Choir performs beautifully at concerts throughout the year, even competing in choir competitions and festivals. They have also travelled to the Biltmore Estate to learn about music in history. Choir helps students grow into confident, passionate individuals who cultivate beauty in this world through the power of music.


In theater classes, students are introduced to the basics of theater and acting, and our theatrical productions foster confidence, responsibility, teamwork, and dedication. Our Lower School and Upper School each produce several plays per year, with some performances including students from the entire K-12 school. In recent years, our shows have ranged from fairy tales to comedic one-acts to classics such as Pride and Prejudice, The Merchant of Venice, A Christmas Carol, and more!