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Three Pillars

Scholarship, Character, and Community


  • Fostering a strong work ethic and inspiring a lifelong love of learning.
  • Promoting the value of reading.
  • Providing students with rich, meaningful content in all subject areas.
  • Training children to think logically.
  • Teaching children to express their thoughts clearly and kindly.


  • Emphasizing that character is essential to true success in life.
  • Loving and respecting each child as an individual.
  • Teaching each child how to live under just authority.
  • Equipping students to make wise decisions.
  • Helping students to develop virtuous habits.


  • Developing thoughtful, responsible citizens who contribute to their communities.
  • Using the community as an educational resource.
  • Partnering with parents in their responsibility to educate their children.
  • Encouraging parents and community members to share their time and talents with MCA.
  • Fostering a mature appreciation for our country.