Sports During COVID

The MCA Athletic Department is excited to announce that we will begin Phase 1 of returning to sports on July 6.  We do not know what the seasons hold for this upcoming year, but we know everything from being in school to athletics will look and operate differently.

High school girls and boys basketball, volleyball, and cross country will begin summer workouts the week of July 6 with certain restrictions to help protect our athletes and coaches from the spread of COVID-19.  High school soccer, middle school volleyball, soccer, and cross country will start workouts later in July or by the first part of August.

Coaches will contact team members to inform them of the weekly team schedules.
Please read below how MCA summer workouts will be conducted and about the procedures coaches, athletes, and parents must follow during Phase 1 of our return to sports.
  • Phase 1 will last for as long as the NCHSAA mandates.  Phase 1 of return to sports for NC is CONDITIONING and INDIVIDUAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT ONLY.  No shared balls or shared equipment of any kind is allowed in Phase 1 per the NCHSAA.  Phase 1 is our only concern now.  Concerns about Phase 2 will be addressed if the decision is made to progress to that point later in the summer.

  • Students and parents must fill out the new COVID 19 – Athlete Screening to participate in ANY summer workouts starting July 6.  The form can be scanned and emailed back to Athletic Director Rodney King at [email protected] or brought to the first workout and given to the coach.

  • Students must have a valid physical on file in order to be eligible to participate.  The NCHSAA extended the expiration date of physicals so anyone with a physical currently on file with Coach King dated after March 1, 2019.  If your physical expired before March 1, 2019 you will need to get a new physical.   If your physical is current, you will need to fill out and complete page one of the physical form.  Here is the NC High School Athletic Association form for physicals.

  • Coaches will wear masks at all times.  Athletes are to wear masks while their temperature is being checked and anytime they are not doing  workouts.  Athletes and coaches are to social distance allowing 6 feet or more between each other.

  • During Phase 1 of volleyball, soccer, and basketball athletes can not share balls or equipment.  Balls must be sanitized prior to use and after use.  Only individual drills and conditioning are allowed. No team drills or conditioning are allowed.  No team drills or team competitions are allowed.  Personal contact must be avoided at all times (no high 5’s, hand shaking, fist bumping, etc.).

  • No parent spectators are allowed.  Parents must leave and come back or wait in the car; parents are not permitted to attend the workouts.

  • If an athlete has had a temperature or has been ill for any reason, that athlete must NOT come to workouts until he/she is fever free for 72 hours.  Any temperature above 100.4 within the past 72 hours should be considered a fever.

  • Parents, please be sure to communicate to us if your child is experiencing any kind of sickness or illness.  We will need a doctor’s note to clear the athlete to return to workouts

  • Athletes are to arrive for workouts no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled workout times and already be dressed in practice clothes.  The locker rooms will be closed.  Both coaches and players must get their temperatures checked before each workout.

  • Upon arrival, athletes are to remain in their cars until a designee (coach or AD) comes to check temperatures and to ask the daily screening questions.

  • Upon entering the gym, athletes must use provided hand sanitizer.  Athletes must also use hand sanitizer when exiting practice.

  • Athletes must exit the building and leave once workouts are completed.  Parents must be on time to pick up their children and athletes who drive must leave immediately.  No loitering or “hanging out” is permitted in order to help reduce virus spread.

  • The main restrooms in the lobby of the Upper School Gym are available for emergency use only.  Athletes should make a conscious effort to use the restroom at home before practice.  The restrooms, as well as the locker rooms, will be closed.   When an athlete must use the designated emergency restroom, he or she must wash his/her hands and use the hand sanitizer before returning to the workout.

  • Athletes must bring their OWN water bottles and MUST have their names marked on the water bottles.  We will not provide water bottles or cups.  If an athlete must fill his or her water bottle from the cooler, a coach wearing gloves will push down on the cooler lever to fill the bottle.  We do not want multiple athletes touching the cooler.  Water bottles and towels must not be shared.

  • Athletes must not bring any equipment other than his or her own marked water bottle.

As of June 26,  high school volleyball, soccer, and cross country will have tryouts and official mandatory practices starting Monday, August 3 and Tuesday, August 4.  More detailed information regarding times and practice schedules will be sent out later.  Middle School volleyball and soccer will have tryouts on Thursday, August 13 and Friday, August 13.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact Athletic Director Rodney King.