MCA Graduation Requirements

Content Area

NC Requirements

MCA Requirements

English 4 credits:

English I, II, III, IV

4 credits: Honors English I: Ancient and Classical Literature and Grammar

Honors English II: European and Early American Literature and Composition

Honors English III: Contemporary Literature

Honors English IV: Great Books and Rhetoric or AP Literature

Social Studies 4 credits:

Civics and Economics

World History

American History or AP US History

4 credits:

Honors World History

Honors European History

Honors American History or AP US History

Civics and Government or AP Civics and Government

Mathematics 4 credits:

Algebra I


Algebra II


4 credits:

Algebra I

Geometry and Logic

Algebra II

Logic II and Discrete Math or Math elective

Science 3 credits:


Environmental Science

A physical science

4 credits:

Honors Biology

Honors Environmental Science

Honors Chemistry

Honors Physics and Astronomy

World Languages Not required 2 Credits:

Spanish I, Spanish II or Latin I, Latin II

Health and Physical Education 1 Credit:

Health/Physical Education

1 Credit:

Health and Fitness

Arts Education Part of six required electives 1 Credit:

Fine Arts Survey

Electives 6 credits, including arts and world languages 3 credits from elective clusters


Senior Project Not required 1 credit, related to elective cluster
Total 22 credits 24 credits