High School Curriculum

MCA’s high school builds on the rich content of the K-8 Core Knowledge curriculum by offering a classical course of study based on the great literature and great ideas of the Western tradition.  Course offerings are well balanced between the humanities and the sciences, creating a strong foundational knowledge base in all the subject areas.  Beginning in grade seven, students learn logic and rhetoric alongside their core subjects.  A special feature of the high school curriculum is the careful coordination and integration of English and history throughout the high school years, creating a course in humane letters that explores the course of  thought through history.  A fine arts survey builds further understanding of the flow of ideas and their expressions throughout history.

The first two years of high school consist of prescribed foundational courses.  Beginning in the junior year, students can narrow their focus by selecting from three elective clusters:hs-studyingin commons humanities, STEM, or entrepreneurship.


All courses in the high school are taught at honors level and AP courses are also offered.  High school students consistently engage in rich, meaningful discussions in class.  High school teachers also guide students in crafting well-constructed essays and high-quality projects.


A full array of athletics and academic competitions extend the robust learning beyond the school day.