MPACT (Millennium Parents and Concerned Teachers) is a very energetic and supportive organization, one that has become essential to the wonderful educational environment that our families enjoy. It is organized “to promote and enhance the welfare and educational experience of Millennium Charter Academy students.”

MPACT sponsors numerous events, including our famed hotdog booth at the Autumn Leaves festival, our annual motorcycle ride, the Pride Ride, and a spring carnival, full of games, crafts, and activities. MPACT uses the money raised through these events to buy books for the library, classroom supplies, and equipment for the school. Over the years, MPACT has supplied a public address system, a climbing wall, SMART boards, picnic tables, and interactive SMART Reponse systems, just to name a few. They also constructed our outdoor pavilion and one of our two playgrounds. Furthermore, MPACT graciously provides scholarship money for those families who find it difficult to pay for the class field trips.

MPACT meetings are regularly scheduled for the second Monday evening in each month, at the school, at 6:00 PM.

MPACT Representatives for the 2017-2018 School Year

President Amy Reeves
Vice President Tonya Golding
Secretary Crystal Haymore
Treasurer Ashley Atkins
Volunteer Coordinator Christie St. Angelo
Kindergarten Representative Jan Kizer
1st Grade Representative Jennifer Krakenberg
2nd Grade Representative Jessica Montgomery
3rd Grade Representative Melinda Shew
4th Grade Representative Holly Dotson
5th Grade Representative Tobi York
6th Grade Representative Susan Hiatt
7th Grade Representative Holly Sorrell
8th Grade Representative  Kelly Motsinger
9th Grade Representative Kristie Byrd
10th Grade Representative Dawn Haithcock
11th Grade Representative Sonya Haymore
12th Grade Representative Jennifer Hatcher
Teacher Representative Becky McMillian
Teacher Representative Karen Fritz
Headmaster Kirby McCrary