About MCA

Millennium Charter Academy is an independent public school, serving grades kindergarten through twelve. It is structured to move forward thoughtfully, purposefully and quickly, fueled by its Mission and Vision as they are embodied by its leadership, staff, and parent body.

As a charter school, MCA is an independent public school of choice, freed from many governmental rules, but accountable for results. The school is open to all who wish to attend. Since tax dollars pay for the education, there is no tuition charged. The school is accountable to its governing body, the Board of Directors of Millennium Education Foundation, its parent body, and to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, as well as to certain federal departments.

What sets MCA apart? MCA has a distinctly classical philosophy undergirding thinking and practice. We have a high view of humanity believing that each student comes endowed with worth and value to be taught in healthy, authentic relationships by parents and teachers, and not to be trained as we would an animal or manipulated as we would masses of biological and electrical systems. We believe that the world makes sense and is understandable. We, therefore, seek to discover our place in it and then to pursue and promote all that is good, true, and beautiful. Our teaching delivers facts and skills, but focuses on ideas through an integrated curriculum, which includes quality literature and the arts. Our educational goals supersede those of going to college or getting a job. Alongside our students’ parents, we aim to develop young men and women of wisdom and virtue, and free to flourish.

Core Knowledge Recognition

In 2003, Millennium Charter Academy became a Core Knowledge school, fully implementing the Core Knowledge Sequence into its curriculum. Since then, the Core Knowledge Foundation has recognized MCA as an official visitation site, opening its doors to schools across the nation interested in this curriculum. Please refer to the curriculum section of this web site for additional information, or visit the web site for Core Knowledge Schools.